The EEC Council wants to change the EAEU law in assessing the situation in the field of competition in digital markets

On October 5, the EEC Council gave instructions to the Commission and the governments of the EAEU countries to amend the Union Law. This was done in order to improve the system of assessing competition in digital markets and to delimit the powers of antimonopoly authorities in the states of the Eurasian Economic Council.

Which areas will undergo changes? The ability to determine the geographical and product boundaries of online markets, calculate the volume and shares of their economic entities, assess the presence of possible barriers to entry to the market.

In addition, new changes are being introduced to certify the Commission's powers in considering crimes of the law in the field of competition. In this case, a new procedure and methodology for preparing an analytical conclusion on the compliance of a particular commodity market with the Criteria for classifying the market as a cross-border one will be determined.
In order to implement such an algorithm, it will be necessary to make changes to several documents:
- in the methodology for assessing the state of competition,
- in the procedure for considering applications for violations of the general rules of competition in cross-border markets,
- in the procedure for investigating violations of the general rules of competition in cross-border markets.