Companies implementing antimonopoly compliance are promised to reduce sanctions in the new draft law when brought to administrative responsibility

What is antimonopoly compliance? This is a system that assumes preventive measures to combat violations of the law in the field of competition. Antimonopoly compliance began to develop in 2017, when amendments were made to the Business Code. It is antimonopoly compliance that minimizes the risks of violating the law in the field of competition, which lead to large fines, damaged reputation and an open case in court.
In 2021, the Agency for Protection and Development of Competition presented its fifth antimonopoly package and the draft Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on competition development". It proposed further improvement of the antimonopoly compliance system.
The new bill proposes to take into account the effective work of the compliance system and take it into account as the correct method when identifying incidents where the law in the field of competition has been violated. In this case, if the company has implemented antimonopoly compliance and when it is brought to administrative responsibility, the sanctions against it will be reduced. At the moment, the new bill is being considered in the Mazhilis of the Parliament.